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UVC Sanitization

Sanitize At Home & On The Go

Why use “hand sanitizers that can lead to resistant bacteria and expose you or your loved ones to more artificial chemicals, increasing all of our risk to infections that resist treatment”, when you can use the TYGON™ Ultra Lyte, avoiding the chemicals and potential risks. (Drug Resist Updat . 2012 August ; 15(4): 223–236).

The TYGON™ Ultra Lyte use the latest in UV technology to provide sanitization on the go, whether you are in a public restroom, in a hotel room or taking a flight to remote traveling destinations.

*CFU/SqIn – Colony Forming Units per square inch (CFU is a bacteria or yeast that is capable of living and reproducing to form a group of the same bacteria or yeasts.)

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Did you know...

The most contaminated sources, according to an article by CleanLink in 2014, “What’s The Most Contaminated Object In Public Restrooms?” are the following:

  1. Sink
  2. Radiator
  3. Tap
  4. Handrail
  5. Toilet paper dispenser
  6. Floor sidewall
  7. Waste bin
  1. Toilet seat
  2. Under the toilet
  3. Hand dryer
  4. Ceiling air vent
  5. Toilet flush handle
  6. Mirror
  7. Biocote coated soap dispenser.


According to a report by CNN (September 2015), based on a test conducted by a microbiologist at five airports and four flights by two major carriers, “the dirtiest places and surfaces on airplanes and at airports” are:

Dirtiest Places on Airplane
  1. Tray table: 2,155 CFU/sq. In.
  2. Drinking fountain buttons: 1,240 CFU/sq. In.
  3. Overhead air vents: 285 CFU/sq. In.
  4. Lavatory flush buttons: 265 CFU/sq. In.
  5. Seatbelt buckles: 230 CFU/sq. In.
  6. Bathroom stall locks: 70 CFU/sq. In.

Must have heard of...

UV light (radiation), specifically UVA and UVB, both of which penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and have been linked to skin damage. What is less known by the layperson is UVC, ultraviolet radiation that is absorbed by oxygen and generates the ozone layer, therefore not reaching the earth’s surface. Studies have shown that UVC has the greatest effect on microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Gabriel Chevrefils and his colleagues (1999) reported that UVC irradiation leads to 99.9-99.9999% permanent inactivation of Protozoa (spores), Bacteria and Viruses.

Finally, there is a solution…

A convenient and practical method to address our daily exposure to contaminated surfaces. By simply applying the UVC light on a surface or object, whether it is your keyboard, hotel remote control or your child’s pacifier, you can better protect you and your loved ones from the many pathogens we are exposed to daily.

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