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Wound Healing

Photobiomodulation for Healing

In hospitals across the US, on a typical day, many types of wounds are seen by physicians, including intentional, traumatic (including sports related – i.e., ACL Tear or Strain or Tennis Elbow), dermatologic, some infected, and all causing the patient significant pain.

Regardless of the cause, they all benefit from Photobiomodulation (PBMT, also referred to as Low-Level Light Therapy, LLLT).

The effects of PBMT on the 3 healing phases

PBMT provides a benefit at all phases and stages of wound healing, accelerating the healing process through a series of biochemical events, initiated by photonic energy at the cellular level. PBMT has slowly become the standard of care for the treatment of wounds and various other medical conditions.

Inflammatory phase:

  • Decreased duration of this phase
  • Vasodilation
  • Increased phagocytic activity

Proliferative phase:

  • Decreased duration of this phase
  • Production of growth factors
  • Fibroblast growth and migration
  • Formation of collagen
  • Epithelialization

Maturation phase:

  • Acceleration of mitosis and collagen synthesis
  • Type III collagen is replaced by type I collagen
  • Increased tensile strength of the wound
  • Reduction of scar tissue formation

The Science...

PBMT uses specific wavelengths of light stimulate mitochondria via photoreceptors, reducing the time for Cytochrome C to transform into Cytochrome C Oxidase. In turn, Nitric Oxide is released and ATP synthesis is increased. The increased level of ATP provides energy to the cells and accelerates their ability to return to a normal state of cellular homeostasis.

Accelerated Wound Healing Through Photobiomodulation. Ronald J. Riegel, DVM, February, 2013

Cell Benefits

Effects of low-power light therapy on wound healing: LASER x LED. An Bras Dermatol. 2014;89(4):616-23.

The TYGON™ Ultra Lyte…

Incorporates 4 different wavelengths of light scientifically shown to improve wound healing and reduce scar formation. Not only does the Ultra Lyte incorporate the appropriate wavelengths, it also modifies the frequency, duration and intensity according to the condition being treated. This level of specificity has never been incorporated into any light therapy device, making it easier for an individual to self-treat and attain satisfactory results consistently. And, if needed an easy way to monitor progress and communicate with a health professional.

(Refer to Table 1 as a demonstration of the various studies that support these conclusion)

Tygon Ultra Lyte

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Learn about the benefits including:

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